4th World Buddhist Conference Kathmandu

1956: 15th Nov. Leaves for Kathmandu for 4th World Buddhist Conference.

Dr Ambedkar delivering his historic speech “Buddha or Karl Marx” on November 20, 1956 before delates of the 4th World Buddhist Conference held at Kathmandu (Nepal). His Higness the price of Nepal, Dr. Mrs. Ambedkar and Bhante Chandramani are also seen.

Dr. Ambedkar’s speech at the closing session of the Fourth Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in the State Gallery Hall in Kathmandu (Nepal) ,on 20th November 1956. (The speech, just 16 days before Mahaparinirvana i.e. 6th Dec. 1956). This speech is like PROPHETIC SPEECH that Dr. Ambedkar had spoken those days i.e. during 1956 and the same is coming true now.


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