Important events in the life of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

1891: 14 April- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar born at Mahu in Madhya Pradesh.

1907: Married to 9 year old Ramabai

1907: He passed Matriculation from Elphinstone Highschool, Bombay.

1912: Passed B.A. Elphionstone College, Bombay.

1913: 15th June – Leaves for the U.S.A. to join Columbia University, New York,

1915: June- Awarded M.A. degree in Economics.

1916: June- Awarded Doctorate in Philosophy degree

1918 – 1920: Teaches at Syndenham College of Commerce & Economics, Bombay.

1920: Sept. Leaves for London to complete his studies.
June – Awarded M.S. Degree

1922: Awarded Bar-at-Law Degree

1923: October- Awarded D.Sc. Degree & Called to the Bar

1924: 20th July- Launches ‘Bhahiskrit Hitkaini Sabha’

1926: Nominated member of Bombay Legislative Council; served till 1934

1927: 3rd April- Starts Marathi fortnightly, the Bahishkrit Bharat at Bombay.

1927: 20th March – Led ‘Chavdar Tale’ Satyagrah at Mahad.

1928: Appointed lecturer at Government Law College, Bombay.

1930: 3rd March-Starts Kalaram Temple Entry Satyagraha at Nashik.

1930 – 1932: Attends three round table Conference

1932: 24th Sept. Poona pact (or Yervada Pact) Signed.

1933: 22 April Gandhiji-Ambedkar meeting at Yervada Jail.

1935: 27-May Wife Ramabai Dies.

1935: 1st June, Appointed Principal in Government Law College

1935: 13th October presides over depressed classes conference at Yeola, Dist. Nashik.

1935: Appointed Perry professor of Jurisprudence.

1937: 19th July – Elected to the Bombay Provincial Legislative Assembly.

1937: 7th August – Floats a new political party, the Independent Labour Party.

1940: 22nd June- Dr. Ambedkar meets Subhash Chandra Bose.

1940: Published Thoughts on Pakistan Book.

1942: 20th Mar- Cripps & Dr. Ambedkar meet.

1942: April – Forms All India Scheduled cast federation .

1942: 2nd July Appointed Member of Voicery’s Executive Council.

1942: 20th July Appointed as Labout Minister

1945: 7th July Starts People’s Education Society.

1945: 27th Nov- President of 7th Hindi Labout Conference.

1946: 20th June- starts Siddhartha College in Bombay.

1946: Elected to the Consituent Assembly from Bengal.

1947: July- Nominated to the Constituent Assembly by the Indian National Congress.

1947: August- Appointed Law Minister in the Nehru Cabinet.

1947: 29th Aug- Constituent Assembly appoints a Drafting committee Ambedkar as Chairman.

1947: 15th April Marries Dr. Sharada Kabir, a sarswat bhahmin.

1948: October- Published ‘Asprushya’ Book.

1949: 14th Nov. Presents the Draft of Constitution in the Constituent Assembly.

1949: 26th Nov. Accepted Indian Constitution.

1950: 1st Setp. Established Milind College

1951: 5th Feb. Introduces Hindu Code Bill in the Parliment.

1951: 25th Sept. Resigns from the Nehru Cabinet.

1952: March – Nominated by the Bombay Legislature to the Rajya Sabha.

1952: 5th June – The Columbia University conferred the honorary degred of Doctor of Laws

1954: December – Leaves for Rangoon for Third World Buddhist Conference.

1955: Founded the Bhartiya Baudh Mahasabha (Buddhist Society of India.)

1955: Founded the Marathi Weekly Prabuddh Bharat.

1956: 14th Oct. Embraced Buddhism at Nagpur.

1956: 15th Nov. Leaves for Kathmandu for 4th World Buddhist Conference.

1956: 6th Dec.- Dies in sleep at Delhi.

1990: 14th April – Awarded the Bharat Ratna Award (posthumous)

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